The Group

Ziya Group is the South African-based black-owned investment company and is a home of Ziya Investments and the Ziya Foundation.
Our Values
Our value system is informed by the respect we attach to integrity, honesty and humility. We believe in doing business the right way and treasure every relationship we form between our clients, business partners and ourselves.
Our investment philosophy is driven by a focus on strategic acquisitions of equity in companies and projects with high net growth potential, a sound track record, experienced management, and a commitment to real economic and social transformation.
Our vision is to become the largest, most caring and highly profitable investment company in South Africa.
Ziya Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides support for community-based poverty alleviation programmes, as well as for selected environmental and biodiversity projects. Ziya Foundation also contributes to and participates in seminars and motivational programmes designed to inspire young people to succeed in life.
Ziya Group has five divisions: Consulting, Hospitality and Real Estate, Facilities Management, Media-Advertsing-Marketing and Strategic Investments.
Ziya Investments is the business wing of the Ziya Group, whereas the Ziya Foundation is the corporate Socio-Economic Development (SED) wing of the Ziya Group.