The Group

Hospitality and Real Estate Division
Facilities Management Division
Media-Advertising- Marketing Division
Strategic Investments Division
Consulting Division
Ziya Group has five divisions: Consulting, Hospitality and Real Estate, Facilities Management, Media-Advertsing-Marketing and Strategic Investments.
Through the Consulting Division, the Ziya Group provides management consulting, business facilitation and advisory services to local and international clients.
Through the Hospitality and Real Estate Division, Ziya Group has investment interests in Ziya Hospitality, a company that is putting together a deal to rollout an international brand of hotels in Africa and also pursuing other projects within the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry.
Through the Facilities Management Division, Ziya Group together with its strategic partners have created a Facilities Management company, called Ziya FM to provide facilities management solutions in South Africa and in the African Continent.
Through the Media Division, Ziya Group together with its strategic partners have created a marketing and communication company, called Ziya Media to provide marketing and communication solutions to various clients.
Through its Strategic Investment Division, Ziya Group is able to participate in other highly profitable business opportunities of strategic importance to the company. Ziya Group through Symphony Trade and Invest 60, has an investment interests in Plandai Biotechnology, a USA listed company that owns a green tea farming estate and the manufacturer of green tea extracts in South Africa.