The Management

Sabelo Mahlalela is the Chairman of the Ziya Group (Pty) Ltd, a black owned investment company in South Africa. Sabelo is a former Group Commercial Executive of the Bidvest Group Limited and a former Director of numerous companies of Bidvest.

Sabelo was part of the management team that assisted rural communities to access water supply and sanitation in the then Eastern Transvaal before the new South Africa was born. He worked for both Mvula Trust and the Eastern Transvaal Rural Development Forum and He later joined the management team that organised the first democratic election in South Africa in 1994. He was based in Nelspruit. His responsibility was to co-ordinate transport logistics for the Independent Electoral Commission (I.E.C.) in the then Eastern Transvaal Province.

He was amongst the first government officials to join the Department of Economic Affairs, Tourism and Gaming within the Mpumalanga Provincial Government in 1995. He was instrumental in the formulation of various tourism policies in South Africa. He represented the Mpumalanga government in numerous committees in South Africa and in the Southern Africa region.
He is the former Chairperson of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency, Deputy Chairperson of the Gauteng Gambling Board and the former Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA-Inland).

He served as the Senior Manager in KPMG and was later seconded to organise the United Nation World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.

Sabelo provided management consultant services to the 2010 Bid Committee for the FIFA World Cup. He was part of the team that wrote the Bid Book and secured the 2010 FIFA World Cup for South Africa. He drafted all the national government guarantees for the 2010 FIFA World cup.

He obtained his BA degree from the University of Fort Hare and holds several management development certificates in various fields, obtained locally and abroad. He is the Author and Publisher of a coffee table book titled, “Mpumalanga, Our Beautiful Province”.
Guy Paterson is the Financial Director of Ziya FM (Pty) Ltd. He completed his articles at KPMG in 2004.
He obtained a Bsc degree from University of Stellenbosch, Bcom from University of Capetown, postgraduate diploma accounts from University of Capetown and qualified as Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

In 2005 he left KPMG and consulted for various companies, including Roadfix, a BBBEE company where he implemented a turnaround strategy for the company and FCB where he headed a team tasked to convert the groups accounting systems to new accounting standards required by the United States. He is a Director of Vested (Pty) Ltd, which has developed the following wildlife developments, namely, Khaya Ndlovu, Leadwood Big Game Estate, Raptors Wildlife Estate and the River Lodge on the Thornybush Game Reserve.

Guy was involved in brokering one of South Africa’s largest low cost housing deals in 2009 and in 2011 was involved in the private equity deal of Swissport (Pty) Ltd.

In 2009 he set up a property management and investment company in Zimbabwe, which he together with his partners sold to the property management group JHI in South Africa in 2011.
Paula Huysamer is the Business Development Director of the Ziya FM (Pty) Ltd. She is an economist with experience in futures trading, lecturing, economic consultancy, executive as well as non-executive company management, and the initiation of black economic empowerment ventures.

A doctor of economics, Paula Huysamer (née Mann, formerly Janeke), has gained prominence on the South African business scene primarily through her pioneering role in the establishment of two successful black women’s empowerment initiatives, namely Nozala Investments (Pty) Ltd and Vuya! Investements (Pty) Ltd.

Nozala Investments, established in 1996, today counts among South Africa's foremost women's empowerment company. Vuya! Investments, established in 2002, has gained primacy in Cape-based black economic empowerment companies.

Paula's academic achievements include, a university diploma in audiology from University of Pretoria, a bachelor's degree in commerce from Vrije University, Amsterdam, a master's degree in commerce from Johannesburg University and a doctorate in commerce from Johannesburg University.

Paula has been a lecturer and senior lecturer in economics at Rand Afrikaans University, the UNISA School of Business Leadership (MBA programme), Varsity College and Vista University. Since October 2005 she has been an associate professor with the Institute of International Business accredited at Steinbeis University, Berlin, offering an MBA degree course in the Middle East, India and Ukraine. She remains responsible for groups in Kiev, Odessa, and Hyderabad.

Paula's principal concern and activity have been the establishment of broad-based empowerment initiatives aimed at women and striving to involve rural communities in entrepreneurship. Her major work in this regard has been founder member of Nozala Investments (Pty) Ltd, founder and CEO, Vuya! Investments (Pty) Ltd, and founder and trustee, Izandla Trust (women's empowerment development trust)

She has also been prominent as non-executive director in a number of leading companies, notably, Business Partners (Pty) Ltd, a company fostering entrepreneurship at a national and sub-continental basis, Monroe Minerals Inc (Toronto), a diamond exploration company and Scharrig Mining Limited, the largest one-stop mining contractors on the African continent, specialising in contract mining, drilling and blasting.

In the areas of corporate governance and human resource management, Paula has been a member of diverse board committees of the foregoing companies.

Her special achievements include the following:

She was instrumental in planning a Seminar of Financial Futures and an International Conference on Trade and Investment in South Africa, both in October 1984. She organised the investment Conference of Southern African States on behalf of the UNISA School of Business Leadership – the first such conference to be hosted in South Africa.

Paula was the only South African to be invited to attend and participate at the 10th Anniversary of the International Precious Metals Conference, Lake Tahoe, USA in June 1986. She persuaded the London Financial Times to hold its World Gold Conference in Johannesburg to coincide with the centenary celebrations of the discovery of gold.

She planned, co-ordinated and presented annual Budget Seminars for Black businessmen under the auspices of Vista University and the Black Association of Chartered Accountants.

Paula was the nominee for South Africa's Ten Best-dressed Women, 1980, and nominee for The Star Woman of the Year 1987.

She is an outstanding networker and deal negotiator, notably in structuring BEE transactions. In this capacity she has been involved in negotiations with several large multinational companies.

She is fluent in Afrikaans and English, competent in Dutch and Zulu, and has an elementary knowledge of French.
Frans Volschenk is the Technical Director of Ziya FM (Pty) Ltd. He qualified as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Stellenbosch, and later obtained his doctorate from the University of Cambridge (UK). He is the joint recipient of two international awards for his work in engineering.

At Stellenbosch University he was the Deputy Chairman of the SRC, and received full colours from the University of Stellenbosch following the completion of his Masters degree.

After returning from the UK to South Africa in 1993, he joined Denel where he became the Engineering Manager. Frans was appointed by the CSIR to look into the South African Manufacturing Initiative before he became a professional consultant from 1998 onwards. Frans is a serving director in 2 of the businesses, which he established in 1998 from where a range of global enterprises has procured services. The sectors Frans consulted included manufacturing, defence, telecommunications, mining and services.
He has attended and spoken at technical and engineering conferences in Europe, the Middle East, UK and the USA, and has published internationally in engineering.

With more than 10 years active participation in facilities management, Frans has assisted in setting up FM Organizations & Companies, Total Facility Management strategies, operations and outsourcing. He has done and lead organization design in facilities management environments –from job profiles, candidate selection and appointment, SLA development, systems specification, evaluation and selection such as ERP, CAFM, Convergence and AV (Convergence) solutions, as well as assisted in the stabilization of the procurement function of a multi-billion enterprise.

Frans holds a commercial pilots license, which is utilized as part of his work in Southern Africa. He is also a director of a Clinical Research Company.
Andrew Nicholson is the Business Development Director of Ziya Hospitality (Pty) Ltd and has been involved in the hotel, leisure and tourism industries for most of his working life. He has held operational management positions in hotels and resorts in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In 1997, Andrew established the KPMG Hotel, Leisure & Tourism Group in South Africa, which became recognised as a market leader in the field of advisory services to the hotel, tourism and leisure sectors in both Africa and the Middle East. His work across the Continent has provided a depth of knowledge of the hospitality and real estate sectors.

 Andrew founded International Real Estate Appraisals (IREA) in 2003. He has led the development of major integrated real estate projects (including hotels) in locations as diverse as India, Bahrain, Singapore, Tanzania, UAE, Oman, Egypt and South Africa. He brings a depth of experience in business planning, site appraisal and operations to Ziya Hospitality.

Andrew is responsible for the identification, assessment and appraisal of the sites. He is responsible for development and growth strategy of the business.

Pearl Mary-Jane Phala is a Director of Ziya Media (Pty) Ltd specializing in corporate communication and public relations. She is also a Director of MJ Collection: Glamour Goddess.

Her working experience include public relations at Volcano advertising and PR, guest relations at Neo Africa and sales at Auto Car Dealership.

Pearl obtained her honours degree in Corporate Communication from University of Johannesburg. She specialized on strategic communication and viable industry approaches to establishing sustainable corporate or product brands.
Mr. Sabelo Mahlalela – Chairman
Ziya Group
Mr. Guy Paterson- Director
Ziya FM
Dr. Paula Huysamer - Director
Ziya FM
(Diploma Radiography, B.Com, MCom, Dcom)
Dr. Frans Volschenk- Director
Ziya FM
(PhD Cambridge UK, M.Eng. Cum Laude (Stell), B.Eng (Stel), Pr.Eng, MIEE, SMIEE)
Mr. Andrew Nicholson - Director
Ziya Hospitality
Ms. Pearl Mary-Jane Phala- Director
Ziya Media
(BA, BA Hons: Corporate Communication)