What We Do


We provide management consulting, business facilitation and advisory services to local and international clients. We also provide business solutions to the SMMEs and COOPs in South Africa. More Information


We are a SETA accredited Training Service Provider. We provide National Certificates in Municipal Governance and Ward Committee Governance. Our focus is on Ethical Leadership and Values-Based Behaviour, integrating ethical behaviour and organisational values into the culture of organisations. More Information

Facilities Management

We have created a Facilities Management company known as Ziya FM to provide facilities management solutions in South Africa. Ziya FM’s core business is Facilities management consulting, Project management and Maintenance of Electrical, Mechanical and HVAC and would in the near future expand into the soft services as well.


We are working on various manufacturing opportunities in South Africa.

Waste Management

We provide waste management solutions in South Africa.

Strategic Investments

We are positioned to participate in highly profitable business opportunities of strategic importance to the Group.